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LEARN MUSIC BY EAR . . . . the detail . . . .

BACKGROUND: Braille music is incredibly cumbersome; one note is contained in roughly half-inch square box of six embossed dots,If you imagine that the Braille notation cell is arranged like an egg carton for six eggs, i.e. in three rows of two. The top two rows represent the pitch and the bottom row is used for rhythm. so you can imagine how long bars with quavers and semiquavers in are. A single sheet of normal printed music could well be an inch thick of paper in Braille music.

We are a not-for-profit Charity providing this much-needed very helpful “Music Emergency Service” to keep practise and motivation going for blind and visually impaired people worldwide, but we do need funding to produce the mp3 Note-by-Note Descriptions and separate Backing Tracks

LEARN MUSIC BY EAR METHOD: For each piece of music we specify and record individual note names/length verbally along with the associated pitched note bar-by-bar, varying between one and four bars at a time, depending on how many notes there are per bar and based on the level of required competence.

Building each bar or phrase at a time and committing to memory enables the musician to master each piece of music and progress far quicker than using Braille music. We all practise to perform so the joy in completing a piece and then being able to play it to their isolated family and then to the wider family and friends via social media is unquestionably personally and socially rewarding and uplifting in these difficult times.

BACKING TRACKS: Each piece of music has an associated Backing Track, enabling musicians of all levels to learn with the track as they progress and then to perform with it too, benefiting hugely from learning new pieces and progressing musically.

LEVELS OF MUSIC: Using many different genres we have devised three levels of performance; Easy, Intermediate and Advanced and we're aiming to produce 40 pieces in each of the levels.

METHOD OF OBTAINING: The Learn Music By Ear mp3's and backing track mp3's will be available on our website and be downloadable free of charge.

INSTRUMENTATION: We're extending our instrumentation range to include all non-fretted stringed instruments to compliment Learn Music by Ear mp3's for the full range of woodwind and brass instruments. 

PERFORMANCE: We'll organise Zoom-style online ensembles for the various pieces of music the musicians of any age and any level are learning so they can join, perform and importantly for all us musicians, be a part of music making.


None of this is rocket science but someone needs to make it work for blind and visually impaired people worldwide and with your help, our YES I CAN! Charity will make it happen.

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